Entry requirements: GCSE grade 6 in Russian


At A level, you will enhance your level of Russian with more complex phrases and vocabulary and learn to discuss topical social issues and phenomena in Russian speaking areas as well as cultural and literary themes. The course content will allow you to get to know Russian in depth focusing on:

Year 12

The development of Russian society: (The life of Russian youth, education, the world of work, the media)
The political and artistic culture of the Russian speaking world: (Popular culture, festivals, celebrations and customs)

Year 13

Moscow - changes in the life of a big city: (Population changes, social problems, the environment)
The last years of the USSR - Gorbachev (1985-1991): (Perestroika, Glasnost, 1991)

You will study from the ‘Navigator’ course materials and a bank of in-house materials which allow you the opportunity to develop your listening, oral, reading and writing skills. We also use film, magazines and articles to teach the topics and the department endeavours to organise trips to conferences and workshops when available.

The structure of the Russian language and its grammar is studied in considerable depth but often through light-hearted activities. In both Year 12 and 13 you will have the opportunity to practise your oral skills with a native speaker.


At the end of Year 13 you will be assessed across all four skills as you were at GCSE. Translation skills are also assessed and you will write about one literary text and one film, which you will have studied during the course. The speaking exam includes reporting on an independent research project, requiring you to provide statistics and evidence of different viewpoints. The assessment criteria value cultural knowledge.


This is an excellent subject to study if you want to progress to university for a degree in languages. It will also help you if you are interested in a career in business, law, tourism, banking, the Civil Service, education, interpreting or translating. It will provide you with an excellent base for learning other Slavic languages, and will give you an unusual qualification which is widely regarded as a mark of intellectual prowess.