Entry requirements: GCSE grade 6 in German


The A Level course builds rapidly on the knowledge of German already gained at GCSE. You will quickly broaden your vocabulary and cultural understanding through studying broad themes incorporating social issues and phenomena in German speaking areas as well as cultural and literary aspects. You will practise all four skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing and you will be constantly strengthening your knowledge of German grammar, so that you can manipulate the language in order to say or write what you want correctly.

We use films, popular magazines and newspapers to teach the topics and the department regularly organises trips to conferences and workshops. You will have the opportunity to speak to the German Assistant on a weekly basis and to undertake a week’s Work Experience in Germany or go on a 4 day field visit to Berlin to experience the history of division or reunification. German combines particularly well with science subjects, other languages, history and mathematics.


You will be assessed across all four skills as you were at GCSE. Assessment will also include a focus on translation skills and you will study two pieces of literature in detail. The speaking examination will include an independent research project which will require you to provide statistics and evidence of different viewpoints. The assessment criteria also require you to demonstrate cultural knowledge.


A qualification in a language is important for an increasing number of career opportunities in Europe as well as access to careers in the world of business management, marketing, tourism, banking, telecommunications or the Civil Service. German combines particularly well with medicine, engineering and Maths as well as history, politics and other languages.