Further Mathematics 

Entry requirements: GCSE grade 8 in Mathematics
This must be taken as a 4th A level


In the first year, all students will complete and sit the AS level in Further Mathematics, with content split into 50% Pure Mathematics including complex numbers, vectors and matrices and 50% Applied Mathematics in the fields of Statistics and Decision Mathematics. Students can then pursue their studies of Further Mathematics throughout Year 13 to take the full A level in Further Mathematics at the end of the second year. The course assumes full knowledge and understanding all the content of A level Mathematics.


For AS level Further Mathematics, there are two examination papers of 1 hour 40mins taken in June of Year 12, one in Pure Mathematics and the other in Statistics/Decision Maths.

For a full A level in Further Maths there are four one-and-a-half hour written examinations in June of Year 13, all with a calculator. Two of these will be compulsory Pure Mathematics content and the other two are Further Statistics and Decision Mathematics. It is only the Year 13 examinations that count towards the final grade in A level Further Mathematics.


Having two mathematics A level results sets you on the path to success in many university courses and towards an exciting career. You will have an advanced knowledge of all branches of mathematics, both pure and applied and will be highly regarded. Further Mathematics is considered highly desirable for many prestigious degree courses in the fields of Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Physics and Engineering.