Entry requirements: GCSE grade 6 in French


The course will build rapidly on the knowledge and understanding gained in GCSE French, so that you will quickly gain confidence in the use of spoken and written language in the context of a range of interesting broad themes with a focus on social phenomena in the French speaking world.

Topics are taught using a variety of newspapers, magazines, films and plays, and the textbook recommended by the examination board. There are opportunities to participate in trips to the cinema, theatre performance and conferences. You are encouraged to widen your vocabulary and cultural understanding through independent reading and watching films.

The A Level requires you to research a topic independently. You will also develop oral fluency with a lesson per week with a French Assistante. Longer pieces of written work will be produced and you will study at least two literary texts which will include a book and a film.


You will be assessed across all four skills as you were at GCSE. Assessment will also include a focus on translation skills and you will study a film and a novel in detail. The speaking examination will include an independent research project which will require you to provide statistics and evidence of different viewpoints. The assessment criteria also require you to demonstrate cultural knowledge.


Clearly, in the modern world, there are numerous occasions when advanced language skills can be used in travel or business contexts. Languages combine well with a variety of other subjects, both in the Sixth Form and in Higher Education. Foreign language competence distinguishes you in the workplace from others with similar qualifications and experience.