English Language & Literature 

Entry requirements: GCSE grade 5 in English Language and English Literature


Students will study a 20th century play and prose texts, including novels and fictional writing. They will develop their ability to analyse and explore the work of published writers in addition to developing their own creative skills as writers. Whilst the examination texts are studied in class, the coursework module provides the opportunity for students to choose their own texts as a basis for their writing.


A Level Unit 1:

Voices in Speech & Writing (Examination 40% weighting)

• Section A – Comparison of an unseen prose non-fiction text with an extract from the studied anthology
• Section B – An extract based question on the 20th century drama text

A Level Unit 2:

Varieties in Language & Literature (Examination 40% weighting)

• Section A – Unseen Prose Non- Fiction Texts: one essay question on an unseen prose nonfiction extract
• Section B – Prose Fiction and Other Genres: one comparative essay on two prose fiction texts, Great Expectations and The Great Gatsby

A Level Coursework (20% weighting)

Students will select two texts to study (one fiction and one non-fiction) and will produce two assignments (two pieces of original writing and one analytical commentary)


A Level English requires a candidate to use high level analytical skills and apply them to various written texts. A traditional A Level, it is well regarded by all universities and is an excellent preparation for any Arts based degree. Ultimately English Language & Literature is an excellent subject for those considering future careers such as journalism, law, teaching or the Civil Service.