Year 12 Sociology Trip

Thursday, 09 November 2017

On the 9th November the Year 12 Sociology class went to the V&A museum of childhood based in Bethnal Green, London.

During the visit we looked around a large variety of exhibits, spanning a child’s development from early age to young adulthood. These displays included; dolls, soft toys, rocking horses, scaletric and clothing worn during the period.

We attended an influential talk on the social construction of childhood followed by the opportunity to use some objects from the learning collection. Consequently, we were able to consider and evaluate the changes in children within the family and society nowadays.

Personally, I enjoyed the trip and found it beneficial in my understanding of the history of childhood as a result of being able to actually see the various toys that were played with.

Francesca Smith, Year 12

On Thursday 9th November our sociology class visited the V&A Museum of Childhood to fit with our topic ‘childhood’ that we are currently studying in sociology. We looked at lots of different toys throughout history and how they compare to toys now. For example, toys now are more gender neutral than they were. Overall, it was a really fun trip and I especially enjoyed looking at toys that I used to have, such as Barbies.

Imogen Dear, Year 12