Year 13 Sociology Conference on Crime and Punishment at the London Institute of Education

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

The sociology trip to the conference ran by the New Bridge Foundation was overall a positive experience. The numerous talks from different companies and organisations, as well as people that had been to prison themselves and experienced it first hand, opened our eyes to the complexity of the criminal justice system and who is affected by it. We were able to think about the aims and agendas of prisons, and debate whether or not they worked in terms of rehabilitation, reintegration into society and the re-offending rates. For me personally, the most interesting and inspiring part of the conference was when real people spoke openly about their experiences and truthfully answered questions. It made us all think about the stereo types of offenders and realise that they actually want the chance to lead normal lives when they are released, and not be discriminated against because of their past.

Nicole Byatt (Year 13)