Year 12 Sociology visit to The V & A Museum of Childhood

Thursday, 10 November 2016

On Tuesday 10th November our Sociology class visited The V&A Museum of Childhood. The trip was very enjoyable and very relevant to our topic of childhood. We spent the morning looking around the museum answering questions about how toys have changed over time, then during the afternoon we had a talk about childhood in the past – relating it to art. We then split off into groups, each focusing on different relevant topics. The trip was very interesting and helped us learn in a different way to the class room. We picked up a lot of knowledge which we can now use in class.

Eleanor Fazan (Year 12)

After looking around the museum and reminiscing about our own childhood, we had a talk about Childhood. This involved looking at how Childhood has developed to today and in particular looking at clothing in paintings. As a class we found it hard to identify whether the child in the painting was a boy or girl, due to the fact both genders wore dresses until about the age of 5. But we learned that if there was a horse near the child that usually meant the child was a boy. This made it easier to identify the genders as we looked at some more paintings.

Mollie Higham (Year 12)

I found the most interesting part of the trip was the talk. This was because the powerpoint showed the changes in childhood over the years including fashion and toys. My task at the end of the talk was to look at gender stereotypes in toys. Has construction toy marketing affected gender equality? This was something I had not taken much notice of before, but looking at the toys you could see they were very gender biased.

Steph Ciarla (Year 12)