Year 12 and 13 Drama Trip to the Globe Theatre

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

On the 23rd November Presdales School drama department took year 12 and 13 on a trip to London. Here we had a tour of the Globe Theatre and also went to see an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet performed by the National Youth Theatre at the Ambassadors Theatre.

We took the train up at 9:00am, arriving in London an hour later. The hour after that we were at the Globe on an impressive tour of the building. Here we learnt that this was in-fact the 3rd ‘Globe’, after 1 burnt down and the second was closed down and dismantled when theatre was made illegal in 1642. We also learnt that just a few years ago the theatre was found to have been built in the wrong place after pieces of the original theatre were found in a different location to that of the modern Globe. The theatre has been built to resemble the first theatre as closely as possible. The only differences are a concrete floor as opposed to a floor from the time made of ash, walnut shells, mud from the river and sewage. There are also basic health and safety additions, such as plumbing, sprinklers in case of a fire and a maximum capacity limit compared to before when they would cram as many people in as they physically could. The theatre has a thatch roof and uses the same materials that would have been used at the time. It truly was like stepping back in time when you walked into that theatre. From here we looked around the Globe’s museum containing plenty more information on what the history of the Globe, as well as information on Shakespeare’s life and inspirations. Suffice to say, we learnt a lot in the space of just a few hours; from the style of Shakespeare to the history that surrounded his art form.

We then travelled over to Leicester Square to see an adaption of Romeo and Juliet. Set in a more modern time to the original, the characters spoke in a mix of Shakespearian language and slang, trancing the audience into paying close attention. Particularly memorable were the choreographed fight sequences that used lighting and fast pace movement. Overall, it was an incredibly visual and interesting play using minimal props and set design.

The trip was extremely educational and really reflected the atmosphere of Shakespeare’s world. I would highly recommend it if you have any interest in classic theatre or an interest in directorial interpretation and the many ways a play can be realised on a stage.

Joe Engledew, Year 12 Drama and Theatre A Level Student