News From Maths

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Years 12 and 13 Senior Maths Challenge Successes

Forty-five Maths students across Years 12 and 13 entered the Senior Individual UK Maths Challenge on Tuesday 8th November. This is a one and a half hour competition, designed by the UK Mathematics Trust to encourage creative and logical mathematical problem solving.
Overall, 51% of Presdales students received Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates, with four students achieving Silver and three gaining Gold. The Gold awards went to Christine Lush (Year 13), Charlotte Petty and Eleanor Fazan (Year 12). All three of these students have also achieved highly enough to be invited to participate in the Senior Kangaroo - a follow-on individual competition to be held on 2nd December.

Senior Team Maths Challenge

A team of four Presdales students competed in a full afternoon of the Senior Team Maths Challenge at St Albans High School for Girls on 22nd November, accompanied by Mr Levy. They enjoyed an exceedingly taxing afternoon, including a Mathematical relay race and a Cryptic Maths Crossnumber - with only half the team allowed to see the Down clues and the other half only allowed to see the Across ones! They came a highly commendable 10th place out of the twenty-one teams present from all over Hertfordshire, with many selective and private schools attending. Congratulations for their efforts go to Christine Lush and Amy Lewis (Year 13), Eleanor Mackay (Year 12) and Matilda Pitt (Year 11).