UK Senior Mathematics Challenge for Years 12 and 13

Thursday, 05 November 2015

UK Senior Mathematics Challenge

45 Presdales Year 12 and 13 Maths Students entered the UK Senior Maths Challenge on Thursday 5th November 2015. The individual competition challenges participants to use their maths skills creatively in solving problems. It is widely recognised by universities when students are considering degree courses requiring logical thinking or mathematical reasoning. 63% of students gained certificates, which is higher than the national average. In total, 12 students gained Silver and 18 students gained Bronze certificates:

Year 13

SILVER : Hannah Lynch, Isobel McLees, Isabella Romagnoli, Evalyn Goldby-Solomon, Ella Mitham, Isabelle Bradshaw

BRONZE: Sophie Shaw and Charlotte Lee

Year 12

SILVER: Christine Lush, Madeline Bryan, Sophia Graham, Amy Lewis, Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Withers

BRONZE: Jarred Norris, Flora Kidston, Theo Ahimana, Lucy Newman, Olivia Warnes, Maddie Crowther, Natasha Lee, Clare Barker, Emilia Somers, Nancy Gibbens, Alanah Davis, Bethany Vaughan, Radhika Upadhyaya, Mayowa Oke, Summer Hamill, Caja Stracey

Mrs Rugg-Gunn